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Watercolor painting, The Chan'Ka Creature! - A Painting Journey with Matsya Das

Follow me in the artistical journey through the process for creating the watercolor painting of the Chan'Ka creature! The Chan'Ka creature was created for Taloc Mayan kickstarter by World of Game Design. You can check the Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...

The Copyrights belong to World of Game Design (c) WOGD Inc, All Rights Reserved

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Featured Work

Teaching Goblins about their Emotions

 We all have our inner monsters that need to be tamed. Also, we often hide or feelings deep inside as we are afraid of what may happen if they come out. Will people laugh at us? Will others think we are weak? Are people going to avoid us if they know how we really feel? And, most importantly, can we face ourselves? 

This drawing was so much fun to do! I think in this drawing i have discovered how much i like drawing these odd weird goblin-like faces. Needles to say, i relate to these monsters, and they are surely parts of me. I have been realizing that i cannot run away of exposing myself and my feelings with my artwork. It is a little scary i must admit, but also there is a sensation of healing whenever i expose myself this way. Well, if i cant hide, i might as well embrace it. 

Pencil on paper 20x30cm. 
@Matsya Das Arts 2021



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