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Hello! My name is Matsya Das and im a brazilian artist and illustrator. I guess my love for Arts and illustration began when i was a kid and was trying to express on paper all the worlds and stories i imagined. I remember my family had a bakery, so i used to take enourmous sheets of paper (which was going to be used to wrap the cakes) and with a ballpoint pen i would immerse myself into those drawings. I was always trying to portray things i was interested for, as a way to feel myself connected to those subjects.

My family had some fairy tale books from the 60's which were full of illustrations, ink vignettes and they seemed so magical! It's like they were a key to another world far more interesting then i could ever experience here. That was a major inffluence for my inspiration as an artist, which i carried troughout my teen years, expressing it in different ways. 

I always had a strong inclination for spirituality, so in 2009 I met the Hare Krishna devotees and joined ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). Since than i started to imbide spiritual subjects within my art. Today i work as a full time artist and have a peaceful life with my wife Devahuti Dasi and our 3 lovely cats. 

You can contact me on my email

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